Warehouse, highways and car park Line Marking

KAD Civils provides a complete solution for any line marking project. Be it highways, car parks or a warehouse. We offer nationwide line marking services for any sized project. From adding disabled bays, to airfield line markings, we can provide an experienced and professional service.
Warehouse Floor Marking

Epoxy, Methylmethacrylate & Thermoplastic Screed Markings

All forms of the latest road marking materials such as chlorinated rubber, epoxy, acrylic and methylmethacrylate (MMA) can be applied by airless spray machines. Hand applied materials such as thermoplastic screed and MMA are also available.
Warehouse Floor Marking

Internal Polyaspartic

Polyaspartic coatings are widely used internally in warehouses and distribution centres. This material is very durable and cures rapidly minimising downtime for warehouse operations.
Warehouse Floor Marking

Internal High Build Resin Markings

Internal high build resin coatings are the most durable product used internally in the logistics sector. Non-slip aggregate can be added to the paint to provide added skid resistance to hazardous areas such as plant rooms and maintenance workshops.
Car Park Line Marking

Multi-Storey Car Parks

Multi-storey car park coatings and line markings require a high degree of preparation and installation, both of which KAD Civils excel at. Non-slip MMA coatings are a prerequisite on multi-storey decks and access ramps providing high visibility and durable line markings.
Warehouse Floor Marking

Ultra-Violet Cured Coatings

Ultra-violet cured coatings are used in internal locations and provide a highly durable and rapid curing solution in areas of high use by Mechanical Handling equipment such as forklifts.Preparation and installation techniques are paramount to a successful application.
Airfield Airport Runway Repairs

Airfield Markings

Spray applied materials such as epoxy, chlorinated rubber and acrylic are used in this sector to minimise downtime for airfield operations and also the risk of delamination causing FOD (Foreign Object Damage).

Our Experts

Our in-house team can also undertake internal line marking projects for commercial units and warehouse facilities. Our experts can advise on the best course of action for each project and the difficulties it may come with. From small independent factories to international distribution centres, our line marking team offer a complete solution from planning to preparation and finally application. No matter what the level of traffic on the area, we can offer a solution for any usage and to any scale.
Warehouse Floor Marking
Highway road Line Marking

Our Line Marking Services

Our fleet of experts can ensure minimal disruption during the process and reduce any delays required. From road markings to warehouse flooring, we offer a complete removal and re-marking solution.

We offer line marking solutions for any surface too and our specialists can advise on the best course of action accordingly as every project is unique and so is our approach. This ensures you receive the best possible service and our installation operatives can adapt and react to changes in on-site circumstances.

Design Team

From pedestrian walkways and car parks to pallet lanes in a busy warehouse, our design team will provide a complete solution for your line marking requirements. Our advisors will visit onsite where we will evaluate the location and discuss your needs and ideas, adding our input backed up by experience and industry knowledge, so you receive a professional line marking service at all times.


We are used to working with constraints such as time allowance and space limitations and take each project on it’s own merit when it comes to safety and compliance. We provide complete communication throughout the whole process and our project management is backed up by a professional service at all times.